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Hard Money Lenders: private companies or individuals who lend out the necessary capital to fund real estate deals. These loans, called “Hard Money Loans” or “Private Money Loans” can be a significant source of financing for real estate investors needing short-term access to funds. There are literally hundred of lenders all across the country who have money to loan. We have companies we have worked with in the past that we can refer and are always pleased to provide access to these resources. We are also always open to new relationships and acquaintance with new lenders.

Hard money lenders have a variety of different rates, fees, and terms which are unique to their type of loans. You should become fully acquainted with the specifics of this loan type if you intend to seek this type of funding. Rates and fees are likely to be much higher than traditional mortgage rates, usually ranging between 8 and 15% depending on the loan amount and term length. With a hard money loan, you will usually pay an origination fee or other fees ranging between 3 and 10 % of the loan amount; this fee is also known as “paying points.”

Hard money lenders typically do not do long-term loans. Typically hard money loans are only for very short terms, usually between 6 and 24 months. Hard money loans are not intended to be used in place of a regular mortgage – such as for a rental property investment or for purchase of your primary residence. Check out the links below for more great educational information about hard money lenders:

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Inclusion as a referral on any list is not an endorsement of a lender or any of its products or services. Always do your due diligence when connecting with any of the companies listed.

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