Looking for Great Wholesale Deals!

Our properties are not bank owned and not listed on the MLS. They are privately owned and are priced correctly as wholesale deals. We understand the difference between rehabbed, flip properties and true wholesale opportunities. We have been doing this for over 20 years and we are pleased to be a reputable source for valuable and equitable investment properties.

Looking for True Wholesale Properties?

Experienced investors know that there is a big difference between a true wholesale property and a “priced to sell” home.  True wholesale properties are not listed on the multiple listing service they are available as wholesale properties and often are not “move in ready” for the average retail buyer.  We do not require that you register with ridiculous amounts of information; kids’ names, and number of pets, etc just to see our wholesale property list. Some properties are listed here and you are welcome to provide basic contact information for us to contact you directly about what you might be looking for. We know that a seasoned investor knows how to do their homework and we will not use illusions or trickery to try to pad the deal, our prices are straight-forward and fair. We are professionals we know that long-term relationships and volume are key to making money as a wholesaler and we value building those components.

Find a Great Deal Today

Visit our contact us page and get information on available properties now!

Need to sell your home? We also buy homes. We buy homes directly from homeowners eliminating the hassle of listing and waiting and making it easy to get out from under your mortgage right away. When you sell your home to us we make it is and simple and we do all the heavy lifting.Contact us to learn more!

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