I have had the pleasure of knowing Dan on both a personal as well as professional level for many years.

I had finally decided to purchase my first investment property. I had been working with a Delaware real estate agent for several months hoping to find the right deal. After searching for a deal for several months I had decided to act as a lender on a property that my real estate agent wanted to purchase as an investment property of his own.

    The agent structured the deal so that the house would sell within 30 days to his client, and I would see a sizeable return on my my investment. In the meantime the agent allowed his client to move into the home. As it turned out the house did not sell within the 30 day period because his client was unable to secure financing. In meantime the agent had also allowed the tenant to spend over $25,000 of her own money in upgrades and repairs to the home prior to even taking ownership of the home.

     I later learned that the house was facing foreclosure at the hands of the first position lein holder that the real estate agent used to help him secure the deal, due to non payment.  At this point the tenant was at risk of losing the home, and I was at risk of losing my investment of $13,000. The real estate agent showed no sense of urgency with respect to what was happening. I refused to just sit around and let this happen, and at this point I knew that I had to do something.

    After making several attempts at trying to secure financing on my own accord, I had simply run out of options. I turned to the attorney who had done the settlement to see if he could help in any way. He provided me with a name and telephone number of Daniel Zitofsky. For those who have watched the the television show, ” Do You Want To Be A Millionaire”, Daniel Zitofsky was the lifeline that we desperately needed.

    Within no time Mr. Zitofsky was able to provide financing and help us avoid foreclosure. Not only did Mr. Zitofsky provide financing to secure the deal and avoid foreclosure,  he saved the client from losing over $25,000 that she had spent in making improvents to a home that she did not own, and he saved me from losing my initial investment of $13,000.  Lastly, Daniel Zitofsky afforded me the opportunity to truly own my first investment property, and for this I am forever greatful to you, Mr. Daniel Zitofsky.

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