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Dan ZitofskyDan Zitofsky  

CEO and Founder of  302 Wholesale

Dan (Father) and Jonathan “Johnny” Zitofsky (Son) have decided to partner up so I could teach a young man the value of a dollar and hard work. Johnny loves helping people out and always wants to earn his own money, especially planning on going to college shortly. We are a father and son team working to help families when they are having issues selling their homes because of foreclosure, loss of job, repairs, death in the family, relocation, etc. I started in the business approximately 20 years ago taking out a loan on a credit card to purchase my first house. From that point of doing mortgages and finding great rental properties around the US, I realized there was so much more and fulfilling. I enjoyed saving someone’s credit and purchased their house saving them from foreclosure. This allowed them to save their credit and have some funds to rebuild their life and I was able to fix that house up for a tenant or to sell. This beautified the neighborhood and helped the community with the taxes needed.

I have purchased many different types of properties ranging from the low end rentals, Shells across Trenton, Philadelphia, PA, Arizona, Las Vegas, Connecticut, New York, Delaware to high rise hotel contracts in NYC. My properties range from assignable contracts, fix and flips, rentals and new home or Shell rebuilds. I love “The Art Of A Deal.” I have been involved in saving investors from unscrupulous sellers and or realtors in the past which feels amazing to help. I have also been in the mortgage business as a wholesale lender, retail lender and lastly a mortgage broker helping more than 2,000 clients in my career.

 Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 5.09.41 PMJonathan “Johnny” Zitofsky,  

Real Estate Manager 

Has recently entered the real estate game. Johnny has always hopped in the car while I was going to visit my properties I was rehabbing or renting out. He would carry his hammer or ask for a tool belt for the holidays. Johnny now works fixing up properties for one of the biggest investors in Delaware as an apprentice. He recently said he wanted to save his own money and buy his own houses so he could pay for college and give back to the community. Johnny has been recruited and will play college football for Lock Haven University in PA realizing his childhood dream.  Johnny spends most of his time volunteering for different organizations including the Ronald McDonald House, Delaware Food Bank, Easter Seals, Relay for Life and his local baseball and football league. 




John Troise    

Acquisitions Manager

Born and raised in Wilmington, DE, my wife Lucia and I have been blessed with a forty year marriage and have raised three children. Needless to say, family is paramount!Having a background in construction, accompanied with work experience in accounting, finance and taxes, along with real estate investment and rehabs, I thought it would be an asset for me to attain my real estate license in Delaware.Having approached the semi-retirement chapter in my life, I still invest and actively monitor the real estate market.

I look forward to assisting Dan in the area of acquisitions, while trying to make a positive contribution to his expansion of 302Wholesale.

One of my favorite quotes:

“Look for three things in a person – Intelligence, Energy and Integrity.

 If they don’t have the last one, don’t even bother with the first two!”

 ~ Warren  Buffet


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